All the technical information is presented in a clean and concise manner. — Tareek J., Brooklyn, NY

I actually leave it on in my waiting room and my patients enjoy it very much. It has a nice calming effect as well as being just beautiful. — Dominic S., Caldwell, NJ

I have seen other loops and this is nothing like them. The Reef Aquarium TV is in a class by itself – there is no comparison. None. — Meryl B., Stamford, CT

Now I have a beautiful 100 gallon reef tank in my living room and my family loves it! — Steve R., Staten Island, NY

The quality on The Reef Aquarium TV is amazing. It is like I am in the tank! — Jim P., Westchester, NY

We have a whole show room of high def TV’s and this is the perfect thing to put on it. People will stop and watch much more than when we were just pumping in regular cable. It really shows what the TV’s are capable of. — Sal G. Totowa