Three Year Fun

Cleaning your pipes

Congratulations! You have had a tank up and running for three years and if you are lucky, guess what you get to do? That is right, clean the pipes!

Over time, the insides of your pipes get more and more mineral deposits from your tanks water flow. These deposits are hard and stubborn and they like being there. They don’t want to come off. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone. They have become very attached to your pipes and they are not about to let go without a fight.

Buckets of Fun!

What is the easiest way to clean a pipe? I have found if you can replace it – do it. Pipes are the cheap part of the plumbing. The unions and valves cost more money, but usually you can get to them with a file.

A good tip is to get help, as the host of The Reef Aquarium DVD, A Set Up & Maintenance Guide, Bob Wiatrowski, helped me this time. Two hands make this big job go much easier. Make sure you budget enough time as many things with a fish tank often take longer than you would think.

So if you are wondering why your water flow isn’t what it used to be, check your pipes. That might be the problem.