Babies love it!!!

I had just given Cyndy one of my friends a copy of The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks.  Two weeks later Cyndy came up to me and said:

“Oh my gosh, Keith you won’t believe this!”

“What?” I asked.

“That video you gave last week was fantastic! I had my cousin over last week and they have one year old twins”.

“Yes, I remember them. One boy and one girl” I replied.

“They watched your video and the babies were literally dancing to it! I don’t know if it was the movement of the fish, the colors , the music or a combination of everything, but they would dance to the video” .

Now when I made this DVD I never expected a review like this, but hey, if it can buy a busy mother a few hours and keep the kids happy, I guess that is pretty good.  I think it would be interesting to do a study on brain waves and child development with the colors and the music of The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks to see if there were any positive effects that were happening while watching the DVD.  The funny thing was I never thought of this as a DVD for babies, but perhaps it might help in education in some way. I just made it to be pretty and relaxing.

The Reef Aquarium TV review…

The reviews are in and they are great! After visiting many beautiful tanks in the North Eastern United States we were able to complete the Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks in April of 2011. Now the reviews are in and here they are – better than  we could have hoped.

Aquarium Fish International featured The Reef Aquarium TV, A

Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks in their December 2011 issue. The review states:

Experience the colorful and interesting DVD of The Reef Aquarium TV. Keith Behrle, creator of The Reef Aquarium DVD, A Set Up and Maintenance Guide, captures the true beauty of several reef tanks so that the viewer can enjoy the whole hour. The video holds much of its enjoyment the second and third time around. Many reefers will find this inspirational, while other people not involved with the hobby will find The Reef Aquarium TV truly beautiful and relaxing. For more information visit

Not only did we get a great review, but Aquarium Fish International also made The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks the first prize in a December give away! We thought that was very cool.

One of the reason we think the reviews are so good is that we made The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks with the keeping ourselves interested without getting board on each shot. There is a great deal of movement in this video and it is not just the tank inhabitants moving. The camera will often follow an interesting fish or crab so the viewer does not get the same angle all of the time.  We have witnessed a few fish tank videos where someone sets up a camera and lets it roll and that is all you get.  This is not the case here. We track many fish with expert camera work to make this hour very enjoyable.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist did us the honor of featuring The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks in their Product Spotlight section.

This is what Tropical Fish Hobbyist wrote about our newest DVD….

Keith Behrle Producutions, Inc. presents The Reef Aquarium TV, an amazing collection of some of the most beautiful reef tanks in the world. Shot in high definition with spectacular camera work, this looping DVD is a visual feast for the eyes and offers tasteful upbeat jazz music for the ears.  You don’t have to own a reef tank to love The Reef Aquarium TV. Just put the DVD into the DVD player and watch your TV turn into an amazing array of reef tanks! The DVD loops fully every hour. The Reef Aquarium TV is great for parties, fish enthusiasts, or relaxing after a hard day.  So grab a drink, sit back and relax. The whole family loves to watch the Reef Aquarium TV. For more information, visit 


The Reef Aquarium TV – Beautiful Reef Aquariums with Jazz Music

Brand New! – The Most Beautiful DVD in the History of the Universe is now available. The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Beautiful Reef Tanks is on sale now. Tropical Fish Hobbyist will be featuring this amazing DVD in there next issue. Never before have amazing reef tanks been so stunningly shot and edited to make an entertaining loop. The upbeat jazz music is the perfect complement to this dazzling array of colorful fish and corals. With a price of only $15.95, these are sure to sell out quickly, so get your copy now.