About Us

Weather you are starting a reef tank or just want to look at beautiful reef tanks, this is the perfect web site for you! Tropical Fish Hobbyist called The Reef Aquarium DVD, A Set Up & Maintenance Guide the most complete how-to resource for someone starting a reef or marine aquarium.” It has won many awards including A Communicator Award. If you are starting a reef or marine tank, there simply is no better resource on the planet. It has almost four hours of insights and knowledge packed into a two DVD set.

We are also now extremely proud to offer The Reef Aquarium TV, A Visual Display of Reef Tanks. There are sixteen beautiful tanks, each with their own distinctive look and feel. Sit back and relax as you enjoy some of the most beautiful tanks the world has ever seen. This magnificent DVD was shot in high definition and loops every hour. Reefers will find it inspirational while people without a tank will love it as well! Enjoy the great jazz music that accents each tank. Perfect to leave on for parties or to relax after a hard day at work.

These DVDs are produced by Keith Behrle Productions, Inc. using only high end broadcast quality acquisition and editing.

The cameras used for The Reef Aquarium DVD are 1080i High Definition broadcast and Beta SP with High Definition lenses that were used for national shows for all the major networks. This means you see crisp, sharp video with vivid true colors of fish and corals. We used a professional high end digital edit system and created a custom DVD menu that lets you see what you want to see when you want to see it.  We used high end graphics to illustrate certain points, such as the nitrogen cycle. Professional lighting and sound gives The Reef Aquarium DVD a high production value that will make you want to watch it over and over again.

The Reef Aquarium DVD uses many name brands, helping the beginner get some input on the many choices they will have to make. Our host, Robert L. Wiatroski, has tried many products over his 20 years of reef keeping, and he shares all his favorites with you in the DVD. All brands in The Reef Aquarium DVD have not paid Bob or the producers any money or given any product for use or mention in the DVD. We give you the brands we like and do it honestly.